Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka had their pal Sir Elton John perform a few songs at their Italian wedding earlier this month, but he didn't perform the first song they danced to as a married couple... The Gone Girl star explained to David Letterman on Monday's Late Show "He introduced our first dance which was super fun, and that, the 41-year-old newlywed revealed, was Kelly Clarkson's 2002 hit "A Moment Like This."

The American Idol, season one winner didn't perform the song live, of course (she was back at home with newborn daughter River Rose!), but NPH and David worked a few surprises into her song still. "We had a plan—we had a firework guy," he explained. "and so when the song crescendos....when that happens, fireworks are supposed to go off!"

"But, you know, we're in a tiny town in Italy, so I'm figuring the local fireworks dude is—I don't think he's going to be exactly timed to the Disneyland...we weren't expecting that to happen, but sure enough, it happened perfectly!"