In 86 years, only four women have been nominated for a best director Oscar. Only one, Kathryn Bigelow, has won. Lina Wertmuller was the first woman nominated for the 1976 film, Seven Beauties . Jane Campion was number two for the 1993 film, The Piano . Sofia Coppola is number three for the 2003 film, Lost in Translation , and number four is the only one to make it to the podium, Kathryn Bigelow for her film The Hurt Locker . As you can tell from these very low numbers it is very difficult for a woman to garner a best director nomination.One reason is the low number of women in the directing branch. The way that you get an Oscar nomination is that the individual branch members nominate you. Of the over 6,000 members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, only 377 are members of the directing branch. And, only 36 of those 371 people are women. That’s under 10%.