This summer, what colours will you have in your make-up bag? Three trends to add to your collection: blue, orange and gold…Plus interviews with Dick Page (make-up artist), Marc Jacobs (designer) and Dries Van Noten (designer).This summer, what colours will you have in your make-up bag? Check out three trends to add to your collection. Whilst blue becomes one of the prime hues of the summer, it also dominates on eyelids, giving the perfect ‘pop’ to a tanned complexion as well as creating a link with blue skies and the sea. This leads us onto the idea of trying more brightly coloured make-up as imagined by Chanel, with a hint of black for a more mysterious eye.

Aside from the eye essentials, lipstick remains another indispensable tool. Perfect for putting the finishing touches to a look or simply completing a complexion without adding anything more. It is summer after all, and while red maintains its pole position, why not try a splash of orange or even bright pink, two strong and astonishing colours.

Our last discovery, perhaps more appropriate for after dark, is gold in the form of sequins, powders, eye shadows or even hair accessories.

And finally, natural beauty remains a firm favourite especially in summer. But remember, it is all about polished beauty in neutral tones and powder pinks that fix imperfections, smooth the skin and add specks of brightness.