How do major beauty salons, like Dessange and Dior, relocate to Cannes? Rendezvous in their private showrooms with just two catchwords: beautify and cosset the stars…Includes interviews with Stéphane Bodin, Hairstylist and Violette, International Make-up Designer for Dior.The Festival de Cannes remains the star-studded event where appearances are everything. After selecting a dress, stars must also be coiffed and made up. How do they prepare their beauty looks and especially how do major salons relocate to Cannes? Our first rendezvous is with Dessange, major partner of the Cannes Film Festival for 30 years. And the four stand-out styles extolled by Dessange – faux wavy bob, static extensions, twisted ponytail or sleek minimalism – emerge every night as the top trends on the red carpet. After hair, the second important step is make-up. And the Dior house does everything in its power to cosset stars in their pop-up salon.